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Your business consultancy in Bremen

Two cities, one federal state and in between 60 km’s of the river Weser. A constellation that in this form is incomparable in Germany. Bremen offers a maritime lifestyle with a historical tradition and is also the sixth largest German industrial city. It is building on the large future sectors, which already makes Bremen the top innovative region in the country. In Bremerhaven, everything revolves around the element of water. In the only major city on the North Sea, the various economic sectors are represented, from ports to maritime technology and food management to offshore wind energy. There are many reasons for us to set up our headquarters in Bremen.

The large industrial companies fuel the innovation engine of German Mittelstand

In the state of Bremen, the four key economic areas of automotive, maritime economy & logistics, wind power and aerospace were formed early on. In recent years, this has been further aligned towards the future. The medium-sized economy has also faced the challenge of constant change and alignment with customer needs. Many innovations, such as product innovation, new processes or business models, often emerge from medium-sized companies. Since many new fields of application are initially unattractive for large companies due to the low demand, a powerful medium-sized economy is required to tap innovation potential across the board. In Bremen, this has resulted in small and medium-sized companies being the mainstay of employees.

We as a management consultancy in Bremen feel at home in both worlds and create the right solution for every application.

Our services for your company in and around Bremen

The leaps in innovation in Bremen’s key economic areas entail process changes in the entire supply chain. With our process optimization service, we provide you with the tools to prepare your processes for the new challenges.

This dynamic, innovative environment requires a permanent review and adjustment of company processes and information flows. With our ERP consulting service, we look at all information systems in your company, from ERP to Computer Aided Manufacturing, and align your information flows to the future.

In order to deal with permanent change operationally, we need agile systems that can adapt to the new challenges. Our Lean Management service prepares your company for this challenge.

Agile systems and the ever faster exchange of information require a digital infrastructure that is aligned to these new requirements. With our digitization service, we jointly define the requirements for your company and support you in the transformation process.

Suppliers also face these challenges. Our supplier management service helps you to align your supplier portfolio to your needs in order to remain deliverable to your customers.

Every change entails costs. With our cost reduction service, we keep an eye on your costs, show you holistic cost structures and specifically minimize cost drivers.