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Your business consultancy for the Osnabrück region

Osnabrück is the vital center of an economic region that has a great influence on Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. The location makes it the linchpin for the flow of goods in central Europe. Successful industrial companies and a wide range of medium-sized companies characterize Osnabrück’s economic strength. Almost 80% of the companies located in Osnabrück are satisfied with the general conditions. Important reasons for us as a management consultancy to be represented in this region.

The economic engine in the heart of Europe

The region is characterized by a balanced relationship between industry, trade and services. Companies in the region are strongly interconnected. The industrial companies create a lot of impetus and innovation potential for the service sector and keep the economic engine going. Digital change requires an infrastructure that is ready to take on the new challenges. The main focus here is on the advantages of a broadband technology coverage. However, all of this can only be implemented with qualified specialists. The companies in the region invest a lot in training, attracting and retaining their employees.

Our services in the Osnabrück region

Mergers of companies in supply chains require a high level of coordination. With our supplier management service, we provide you with a tool to bring transparency to your supply chain. This significantly reduces the effort for you.

An agile corporate culture always produces new innovations and is able to adapt quickly to changes. With our lean management service, we make your organization fit for the future.

The digital change creates completely new opportunities for the further development of companies. With our digitization service, we show you how you can achieve the greatest added value for your company.

The interaction of internal processes and the integration into the network of customers and suppliers make our information flows more and more extensive. In our ERP Consulting service, we convey how you can make use of this information.

We also keep an eye on the operational processes. With our process optimization service, we coordinate the content and always observe the effects on the entire cost structure with our cost reduction service.