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Lean management advice - improvement from Day One

The processes in companies are becoming more complex. Customers demand more individual products and shorter delivery times, often combined with increasing competitive pressure.

As a result, more components are shifted to the supply chains, the processes in the company become more international, high amounts of information and long processing times are the rule. It is becoming increasingly difficult for employees to keep up with this rapid development. The consequences are rising costs for personnel, material, infrastructure and increasing impairments in quality.

These complex relationships require a holistic view of the processes in the company. We combine agile lean management methods with the possibilities of digitization and are therefore able to implement improvements from day one. With our lean management consulting, we quickly solve the problems and enable your company to sustainably live the optimized processes.

Benefits of Lean Management

Improved Productivity

Shortterm and sustainable increase

Planning Security

Completion at the scheduled time

Short Lead Times

More respond time to changes

Low Stocks

Less search effort and low scrapping costs


Reduced Unit Costs

Greater competitiveness

Improved Quality

Less rework costs

Our Lean Management Methods

Rapid implementation of improvement approaches

In most cases, an analysis of company processes is an important basis for the further alignment of lean project management. For this we use our lean assessment for the first position determination. The first potential quickly emerges, which can be implemented immediately.

We take a much differentiated view of the individual company areas and show the strengths and weaknesses of the processes. The result is implementation-oriented fields of action that we use as a planning basis for further sustainable implementation.

Detailed picture for the holistic implementation of lean management

In our lean management consultancy, we create a transparent representation of your processes with value stream analysis. With the existing data from your information systems, we pre-structure and formulate the analysis.

The data from lean assessment and value stream analysis create a clear target image for your company, with which we can further refine the implementation planning.

The implementation takes place together with your employees and managers. In addition to the full scope of the lean tool set, we also use our many years of industrial experience.

Thanks to our agile lean project management, we always have a holistic view of the processes and can respond to your specific requirements.