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ERP consulting - use information systems according to your needs

The software landscapes in companies offer us a great advantage – they collect data and information. Only we are literally swamped by the huge flood of information. Often one cannot necessarily assume that there is an efficient use of information and software.

This is where we start with our ERP consulting. With Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) we plan and control all resources and information in your company efficiently and as required.

We see ourselves as an independent intermediary between your processes and the IT world. In addition to optimizing and evaluating your existing systems, we also apply our expertise in the selection and introduction of new business software. Our advice covers the entire process up to the complete ERP implementation.

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Our approach to ERP consulting

The right ERP solution for your requirements

The first step in the introduction of a new software system is the selection of the right software for your needs. We support you regardless of the manufacturer in exploring the market, through the preparation of the requirement specification to the tender and contract negotiations with providers. This is how we ensure that the right ERP solution for your needs is used by you.

Your organization is prepared for the change

The introduction or optimization of business software is a big change for the employees involved. We support you in putting together the project team, work with you to determine the implementation planning and set up the necessary reporting. This takes into account the requirements of the employees involved, who will have to know the optimized processes in the future. In this way, we ensure from the start that the changes are accepted.

ERP Software is supporting your processes

Comprehensive ERP solutions offer many options for adapting to your special needs. We use the information that we have already collected for the optimization or selection of the software and expand it.

Our central goal is to map as many of your processes as possible in the ERP software without deviating from the software standard. As a result, you can significantly reduce your costs both when introducing ERP and when maintaining the software.

With our agile project management, which we adapt to your requirements and team structure, we realize short development cycles. During the project, the team and the requirements are constantly compared. Course corrections can therefore be implemented quickly without losing sight of the project goal.

ERP Software is supporting your processes

In order to make the interaction between user and software smooth, it is necessary to prepare the user for the new challenge. On request, we create the training documents for your ERP solution and carry out the user training.

We accompany your organization “when you flip the switch” to the new processes and support the users in the hyper-care phase of the ERP software.