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Supplier Management

Jointly manage Supply Chain and Supplier Portfolio

Reducing the depth of added value in companies increases the importance of suppliers and supply chains. Companies no longer compete against each other as individual companies, but as a complete supply chain worldwide. If one element in the supply chain fails, other suppliers in the portfolio can best be accessed. If this option is not available, delivery difficulties or delivery delays may arise. For this reason, we consider the aspects of the entire supply chain in our supplier management, from the end customer to the supplier. For us, supplier management is a combination of the various operational areas of design, quality management and purchasing. With this holistic view, we are able to build sustainable development and management of your suppliers. You will master the challenges of your everyday life with your suppliers.

Your Advantages

Reduced Procurement Costs

With many suppliers

Improved Delivery Reliability

Delivery of the items at the time of need

Extensive Supplier Portfolio

Always the right supplier

Our approach to supplier development

Identify weaknesses in supplier management

A holistic picture of the relationships in the supply chain is the basic requirement for optimization. We have developed a procedure that creates a clear representation of the overall picture of the supplier portfolio from the data of your information systems. With this information, we create the opportunity to identify risks in the supply chain and supplier portfolio. Countermeasures to minimize the risk and to ensure the ability and quality of delivery are developed together with specialist departments. The experience and requirements of all departments involved are also incorporated.

Manage suppliers and supply chains properly

Managing multiple suppliers and entire supply chains is a complex task for your employees. We support you in setting up and implementing a supplier management toolset in your organization. We use the existing database and visualize it with the help of business intelligence solutions. This creates individual dashboards and we use e-procurement and collaboration platforms to establish the connection to the suppliers. A continuous tracking process of your needs with the performance of the supplier network helps you to identify bottlenecks quickly and to ensure your ability to deliver.

Develop suppliers sustainably

A stable customer-supplier relationship requires coordinated processes. So you can be sure that you can rely on your supplier in exceptional cases. We define your requirements from the external interfaces of your process landscape, with which we begin the development of the suppliers. This can include everything from requirements management to process optimization at your local supplier. This approach also aligns your supply chain for future developments.