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Cost Reduction

Advice on cost reduction - keep your costs under control

The cost structures in a company are complex and multi-layered. Rising costs and their correlations remain undetected for a long time. The reasons for this are non-transparent processes, changed requirements and increased resource expenditure.

With your existing business data, we are able to uncover cost drivers and their triggers and directly achieve a cost reduction. We consider the total costs of your company based on the total cost of ownership. We ensure sustainable cost transparency through transparent processes and reduced complexity.

Benefits of Cost Reduction

Extensive Potential

From all areas of the company

Implementation Time

Biggest cost drivers are reduced first

Quick Payback

Sustainable Return on Investment

Our approch to Cost Reduction

Transparency about the cost drivers

A first result of our advice on cost reduction is a transparent representation of the cost structures in your company. We use the data available in your company for this. With our analysis method, we uncover the weak points in the cost structure. We use our experience from many comparable projects to identify potential, derive measures and reduce costs together with you.

Align cost structures for the future

We achieve additional cost reductions by showing complex relationships in the cost structures. Our cost model is a combined view between the existing data and your business processes. With this representation of the process costs, we are able to detect interactions in the cost structure. The simulation of the optimization approach gives you the certainty that an implementation supports your goals and requirements.

Reduce costs sustainably

Our model is fully scalable and adapts to changes in your company. This means that costs are transparent at all company levels, deviations in the cost structure become visible, countermeasures can be initiated in the event of deviations. Together with the employees responsible for the process, we establish this model in the operational work processes and the continuous improvement process.